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My name is Beverly Allen and I am your legal coach.

The days of expensive retainers are over. Take control of your case with pay-as-you-go family law services. Get the expert advice and support you need, when you need it, and master your case.

About Me

I'm an attorney with ten years of family law experience in the State of Washington. I have assisted hundreds of families through difficult transitions as a strong advocate, helping them navigate the court system to reach the best possible outcome for their case.

The legal industry has a dirty little secret.

The average divorce costs $11,500. My clients represent themselves with my legal coaching, get incredible results, and save thousands of dollars in in unnecessary legal fees. You have the option at any time to switch to traditional representation as well - keeping you in complete control of your costs and your case.


My coaching is designed to support you with expert legal advice so that you can master your case and win in court. I truly believe your outcome will be as good or better than if you were represented by an attorney if you are well prepared for your hearing and have filed correct and effective legal pleadings into your case.

You don't have to fear uncontrollable legal fees, attorneys who don't return your calls, or not having your story fully understood by the judge. When you work with me, you will leave with a product: worksheets, the motion that will give you more time with your kids, a powerful declaration that will tell your story to the court. You'll also learn what you must file to have your evidence fully considered, and learn how to clearly communicate with the judge.

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I am here to help you

My passion is helping people like you get great outcomes for your case through legal coaching. Here's my story.

  •  JUNE 2007

    Bachelor of Arts, Fairhaven College

    I graduated with a bachelor's degree in law and diversity from Fairhaven College at Western Washington University. While at college, I worked for the Whatcom Civil Rights Project and developed a deep appreciation for the power of advocacy and how legal services can make a difference for families.

  • JUNE 2010

    Jurisdoctorate, Seattle University School of Law

    After law school I founded my first firm, the Landmark Law Group. Working here was when I realized the average client was truly the best person to be in charge of their case, and that a prepared client could represent themselves with power and insight no attorney could offer. I started focusing on client empowerment in every way possible - making sure my clients had resources and were prepared to make decisions.

  • FEBRUARY 2013

    Commissioned, Washington Army National Guard

    While in the National Guard, I served hundreds of soldiers and their family members and helped them prepare wills, separation agreements, and counseled them in how to represent themselves in their divorce cases. My unit recognized my passion and dedication and awarded me the Army Commendation Medal in 2019. My military experience gave me a unique perspective and the necessary skills to help service members and their families.

  • OCTOBER 2016

    Co-Founder, Allen and Bighorse

    My next venture grew to be a million dollar firm in less than three years. While it was exciting to be part of such a fast-paced, growing firm, I came to realize that the traditional law firm model does not work for up to half of all people seeking legal services. My conviction grew that the time has come for law firms to be more responsive to client needs, and fully empower clients to take control over their cases and their families' futures.

  • JANUARY 2020

    Founder, The Law Office of Beverly Allen

    I founded the Law Office of Beverly Allen, a pay-as-you-go legal firm created to support you with expert advice and guidance so you can master your case and win great outcomes in court. Let's get started today on planning the next steps to secure your families' future.

My Services

I offer a variety of focused meetings. It's my goal that you leave most meetings with an actual legal product ready to be filed with the court.


    Book a case review meeting and discuss what to focus on, next steps for your case, and get your legal questions answered.


    Avoid serious pitfalls and common mistakes and ensure your relocation paperwork is properly filed and served.


    Ensure assets and debts are proactively shared the way you wish, specify heirs to inherit separate property, and more.


    Create a parenting plan that reflects the best interests for your family and is ready to file with the court.


    Learn what to file to get a parenting plan or other order modified and be empowered to move forward with your case.


    Get started with your petition, summons and supporting documents and gain an overview of the process and timeline.


    Draft your child support worksheets and proposed orders with the peace of mind knowing they will be accepted by the court and learn how to defend them during your next hearing.


    Get a correctly drafted order dividing military retirement pay and ensure a smooth division of pension assets.


    An accurate and thoroughly drafted order will help speed along the process of dividing retirement accounts.

Not seeing your case issue above? Email or call me now with a description of what you are going through and I'll make a recommendation for what kind of appointment you need.

Customer Testimonials

It's my honor to provide legal coaching and guidance for clients.

I was pro se (unrepresented). Beverly Allen helped me with updating a judgement and drafting the paper work for filing a garnishment order. The garnishment order had to be very specific in language, due to the fact that this was a VA garnishment order. Beverly explained the steps and what other documents I needed to file in this case. She also showed me where to send the order and documents once they where filed into court. Beverly made sure that I had a clear understanding and made sure that I was well prepared for court. The following week, I went before a judge and presented my case, with fact finding documents, and won. My judgment was brought to current, and I was able to get my garnishment order signed by the judge.


Avvo.com verified review

Beverly helped me through the toughest time in my life. She helped get my life back and I am a stronger better person today because Beverly helped me. I got everything I needed. She was there for me. It was a long ugly divorce but in the end it all worked out. I was never alone.


Avvo.com verified review

Beverly did a wonderful job at helping me locate my son and bring him home to me. I couldn't have asked for a better team to support me. Thank you very much!


Avvo.com verified review

I have never been through anything like my divorce before and Beverly got me through it with flying colors. She really knows her stuff. I got more time with my kids than I thought I would and I'm paying what I should in child support, not what my ex's lawyer insisted I pay. Very happy here. Thank you Beverly!


Avvo.com verified review

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How is legal coaching different from retaining an attorney?

My coaching model offers you the opportunity to get legal advice on a pay-as-you-go basis. Book appointments as needed and work with me to draft pleadings, review your case, or prepare for a hearing. The alternative and more traditional model is to pay a retainer of around $5000 for full representation (and this is only the beginning - the average divorce case costs $11,500 under the traditional model). When you are fully represented, your attorney speaks for you in court and handles every interaction with the opposing party and opposing attorney, if there is one. Even legal documents are served on your attorney instead of you. When you represent yourself and work with me as a legal coach, you will handle all of this. I'll be available as needed to advise you and prepare legal pleadings you need to file into your case.

Can you represent me at my hearing?

Fees vary depending on the nature of the hearing, but are always estimated at no more time than it should take to prepare and argue your case, so that you don't have to pay a large retainer in advance.

Won't I stand a better chance if an attorney argues my case for me at my hearing?

After a decade of practicing law, I truly do not believe that attorneys automatically win better results in court than well-prepared self-represented individuals. You know your case better than anyone, and the court strives to deliver a fair result, regardless of whether the parties have lawyers. Always keep in mind that the outcome of your case depends on the facts of the case, so it's not possible to guarantee a good result whether you have an attorney or not. However, with some help and support, you can be confident that you've filed the most powerful pleadings possible and have a clear strategy when you walk into the courtroom.

Do you handle any other legal issues besides family law matters?

In addition to family law, I also accept some consumer protection cases and landlord-tenant cases (on behalf of tenants). I also draft wills, durable powers of attorney, and life care/directive documents. If you aren't sure whether your case fits into one of the above categories, please email me with a description of your case.

What should I expect at an appointment?

We will be focused and efficient in order to maximize your value and increase the amount of work we are able to accomplish at your meeting. If we are drafting a pleading to be filed with the court, it's generally my goal to complete it if at all possible, or leave you with very little to finish before your pleading is ready to file. Complicated cases may require another appointment to complete the document.

What do I need to do after the appointment?

If we finished the pleading that you came to work on, then I will give you instructions on how to file with the court and how to properly serve your documents. If needed, I will give you instructions for scheduling a hearing. At the end of our appointment, you will have a clear idea of what you need to do next to advance your case.

How many appointments does it take to finish the average family law case?

This varies widely and depends on factors including whether your case is contested, and whether you need temporary orders. An uncontested case with no kids and minimal or no property to divide could be as few as two appointments - one to draft the petition and review what you need to file, and one to draft your final decree. If your case is more complex, you will likely need additional support.

Will representing myself result in a good outcome overall in my case?

The best person to make choices about your life and advocate for you IS you. You don't need an attorney to charge you $200-400 hourly to open every letter or answer every simple little phone call related to your case. You can do these things yourself. What you need is a strategy and effective support when it counts, and that's what you will get when you work with me. On average, every appointment with me saves you over $1000 in traditional legal retainer fees. By doing the administrative work of the case yourself and keeping me in your corner for legal advice and support, you have an excellent shot at the best outcome possible.

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