Fearless Representation to Protect Your Future



    Avoid serious pitfalls and common mistakes and ensure your relocation paperwork is properly filed and served.


    Ensure assets and debts are proactively shared the way you wish, specify heirs to inherit separate property, and more.



    Learn what to file to get a parenting plan or other order modified and be empowered to move forward with your case.


    Get started with your petition, summons and supporting documents and gain an overview of the process and timeline.


  • Get a correctly drafted order dividing military retirement pay and ensure a smooth division of pension assets.


    An accurate and thoroughly drafted order will help speed along the process of dividing retirement accounts.


Customer Testimonials

I was pro se (unrepresented). Beverly Allen helped me with updating a judgement and drafting the paper work for filing a garnishment order. The garnishment order had to be very specific in language, due to the fact that this was a VA garnishment order. Beverly explained the steps and what other documents I needed to file in this case. She also showed me where to send the order and documents once they where filed into court. Beverly made sure that I had a clear understanding and made sure that I was well prepared for court. The following week, I went before a judge and presented my case, with fact finding documents, and won. My judgment was brought to current, and I was able to get my garnishment order signed by the judge.


Avvo.com verified review

Beverly did a wonderful job at helping me locate my son and bring him home to me. I couldn't have asked for a better team to support me. Thank you very much!


Avvo.com verified review

Beverly helped me through the toughest time in my life. She helped get my life back and I am a stronger better person today because Beverly helped me. I got everything I needed. She was there for me. It was a long ugly divorce but in the end it all worked out. I was never alone.


Avvo.com verified review

I have never been through anything like my divorce before and Beverly got me through it with flying colors. She really knows her stuff. I got more time with my kids than I thought I would and I'm paying what I should in child support, not what my ex's lawyer insisted I pay. Very happy here. Thank you Beverly!


Avvo.com verified review

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