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The process of divorce can be stressful as well as incredibly costly. In fact, divorces in Washington State average $12,000-15,000 depending on the issues involved. This is far more than you probably want to pay, especially if you are willing to negotiate with your spouse to come to an agreement on issues like property, debt, and a parenting plan. 


In an effort to save money, some divorcing couples choose to come up with their own division of assets and debts, a parenting plan, and other final orders. However, the decision to negotiate directly with your spouse can not only introduce additional stress and tension into the process of separating, it can also lead to irrevocable damage to your finances, serious tax issues, pension and retirement problems, unfair parenting plans, and other frequently unforeseen and long term consequences. Getting legal advice is wise, but can unintentionally escalate tensions as both sides "lawyer up" and start heading down the path of expensive legal conflict. 


Mediation offers divorcing couples a money-saving and stress-reducing solution. When you work with The Law Office of Beverly Allen to mediate your divorce, you can rely on Attorneys Beverly Allen's legal experience and their expert assistance to resolve all issues in your case and avoid costly litigation. You will be communicating with your spouse through the attorney conducting your mediation, reducing tension and stress and simplifying the entire divorce process. Our attorneys will provide guidance and perspective on all aspects of your settlement negotiations, and draft your initial divorce petition and final orders so you can complete your divorce with the least amount of stress possible while saving thousands of dollars.



Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the mediation process and get our help to invite your spouse to mediate your divorce. 




Both you and your spouse will separately schedule private meetings with an attorney to establish your goals. Our office will file your paperwork with the court to start the divorce process.




Schedule mediation sessions when you are ready. Each session will focus on a different major issue in your divorce (property, debt, parenting, retirement) with the goal of reaching an agreement in that area.




When you and your spouse have come to an agreement on all issues in your case, our office will draft and file your final orders. Congrats - you are divorced!



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